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T.J. Foxx
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im a black fox that is a greaser and loves weapons ^^

heres my stats =3 work in progress

Name: T.J. Jones Foxx (not my rl name)

Species: Black Fox

background: T.J. is a greaser in his hometown and always knows what is right and wrong. He has a strong psychological bond with feral and domestic animals so they will never harm him but they'll love to play and be his pet. He also has a strong interest of weapons and collects them, even with their major flaws he modifies them to make them more reliable and effective.

personality: friendly, affectionate, hyper, caring, and mostly in a happy mood =3

likes: socializing, weapons, animals, rave clubs and rave gear, oh and photography

dislikes: people lying to him, disrespectful people, and the vet (but doctors are ok)

powers: he has the power to project discs, kunais and balls in different colours (as in different elements), he also is masterful in alchemy so he can create complete replicas of weapons from video games and magazines.

Clothing: mostly his favourite leather jacket with his stiltto switchblade (never quite spell it right x.x) jeans and occasionally shoes. In battle he wears a durable heavy duty leather jacket, combat steel toe boots, tough battle pants, and a combat knife holstered on his right thigh with a 9 inch serrated nitrogen fused blade.
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: hardstyle techno
  • Reading: Manga
it was pretty good i tell ya ^.^

on my birthday me and my mom went to Winnipeg to go to a cheap theatre to watch Sherlock homes, we had to stop at my grandma's to pick up a reciever for our bell dish, got $20 from her as a present ^^

we stopped by at zellers to pick up Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii but they were sold out X.X

after the little block, we made it to the theatre, had to wait in line and got our movie food =3

the movie was great tho my mom fell asleep a few times so i kept nudging her at the good parts.

after that we decided to check another zellers and we took the long way through some suburban areas (seriously i was sooo anxious XD)

the traffic was terrible and we accidently drove through a bus lane for nothing (zellers was closed) when my mom was going to a credit union to get her income tax, we drove at the wrong lane and we had to do a U turn to go to the right lane XD

after all that we were tortured to some remixes on the radio that i was tired off x.x we changed the station and Lady Gaga was on and we were singing along bad romance all the way home x3 (its catchy)

my weekend was great and im glad it was so fun =3

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